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Services by Spade

<span class="inline-title">Services</span> by Spade

Aiming to create digital tools for you and your users that are as close as possible to your desires, we have developed a range of modular services that you can request according to your needs.

Always designed with the User Experience at the centre, they are divided into four main families.

Websites & digital platforms

Since 2011, our core business has been leading organisations of all sizes to build effective digital platforms using UX Design methods. Over time, we have refined a methodology and a framework that we call Minotaure.

High traffic websites Code takeover Minotaure Framework Complex websites development Accessibility
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Digital maturity support

Is your website, your online shop, your company’s internal social network in the process of transformation? Then it’s time to question your “digital maturity”! With Spade, you are in the right place.

Accessibility Workshops User testing Minotaure Framework Audit
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Design System & Visual Identity

As you can imagine, the graphic coherence of all your communication supports is simply essential! That’s why at Spade we focus on a strong and easily recognisable visual identity, whether it’s for your website, your Facebook page, your letterhead or your business cards. We go into great detail to ensure that your style is unique.

Accessibility Video Stationery Print Illustrations Design System
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Editorial Management

What is it, a good content?

How does SEO works?

Can I really publish what I want, where I want, when I want it?

One page to present you all the possibilities of the “content” and the support that Spade can provide you with.

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You're not sure about what you're looking for? 

No worries, we are here for that: we have prepared a few questions here below, to guide your search.

If you still have something else in mind, please contact us via the form below – we’ll need to discuss your idea!

  • Spade is looking for passionate and creative students who are not afraid of a challenge. You must be open to new technologies, to tools that are different from those you may be used to working with, to a method of working in a team that is not yet known. You enjoy the company of fellow workers, you are conscientious in taking notes and you like to structure your work.

    We do not expect the trainee to send an application without at least a web portfolio: it is his/her best “business card” to convince us!


  • Your position will be either at Spade’s Brussels office, in the heart of Saint-Gilles (a few minutes walk from Brussels South Station and the Porte de Hal metro station), or at Spade’s Namur office in the TRAKK.

    Generally, development-oriented jobs or internships take place in Brussels, and design-oriented ones in Namur. Project managers are split between the two sites.
    In view of the current health circumstances, the above lines are bound to be regularly reinterpreted – we will therefore discuss them with you when the time comes.

  • At Spade, everyone has their own speciality but we all work as a team with complementary roles. We have project managers, designers and illustrators, front-end and back-end developers. We all have our affinities, for languages, audiovisuals, a type of illustration, a type of development, a type of project, a deeper knowledge of this or that. All of this makes for a rich and happy mix that is very useful for dealing with the most varied of demands.

    We are focused most of the time, but in a cordial atmosphere. We respect each other’s silence and code, but good humour and mutual understanding are the order of the day. Eating a sandwich together at lunch and sometimes enjoying a local beer or listening to a musical find together is also part of the Spade experience. We share news and discoveries via Slack, we are a group, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to its life.

  • We are looking for trainees who have completed at least one year of training in development, design, communication and/or marketing.

  • An internship at Spade lasts a minimum of 10 weeks. This is at least enough time for your potential to develop in the Spade working methodology. In 10 weeks, we can take the time to train you and you to apply what you have learned.

    On average, an internship lasts between two and a half and three months.

    Sometimes the trainee likes it so much that it seems impossible to leave… some have ended up as employees, either temporarily or for an indefinite period.

  • An internship at Spade is in fact an excellent asset for getting a position on the job market. As a full member of the team during your internship, you will experience what is expected of a professional, and therefore at a sufficient level.

    If we don’t have a job opening after your time with us, you will have great references to show for your skills elsewhere. Some of our interns have been hired by our clients, others have gone further afield. The internship is also a way for you to test what you need!

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The information you provide in this form will be sent to you by email and used to contact you if we are interested in your request.

We won’t do anything else with your data, unless you become a beloved client or a cherished employee.

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