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Who we are ?

Who <span class="inline-title">we</span> are ?

Since 2011, Spade has been helping you define your digital strategies, create your digital experiences and support your reflection about your identity. Each project is the beginning of a new adventure that we carry out in close collaboration with you, placing users (and their experience) at the heart of our concerns.

2 offices ...

And so many others in remote! We won’t go so far as to describe the living rooms, kitchens and makeshift offices of each team member, but we are delighted to present our official spaces.



Located in the Parvis de Saint-Gilles district, Spade’s office is discreetly situated at the end of its shady courtyard. We meet there regularly to work as a team or to share a convivial moment.

It is also equipped with a workshop/meeting room with all the necessary equipment to freed the possibilities and unleash your creativity.



Since 2020, the new Trakk hosts Walloon companies in the creative sectors. A place to discover, conducive to cooperation and meetings!

Spade has a cosy office and can welcome you for meetings or workshops in one of the many rooms available. The Trakk also gives us access to its FabLab, a well-equipped place to make prototypes.

Spade in fact & figures

> 300


In 10 years of activity, we have developed collaborations throughout Belgium and Europe.


Websites in 1 year

This is the number of showcase and intranet websites we have deployed in recent months.


Years in business

As many years as there are team members, that’s something to celebrate!

2 267 k

Lines of code

… written in one year by the development team!

Labels and certifications

We are proud to be able to offer you the following guarantees and expertise.

Common projects

We work on projects of all sizes, whether for international organisations, major accounts, SMEs, cultural institutions, healthcare bodies, public companies, etc. B2B or B2C, here is a sample of those who already trust us.

Where does Spade come from?

Spade is not a story of shovels, picks and inveterate card players, but a business that brings together 5 independent enthusiasts in web and design : Denis, François, Benoît, Grégoire and Jean-François.

Spade chooses to offer its services to many sectors of activity: companies of all sizes, national and international associations, NGOs, startups, … whatever your challenge, we always find an effective solution to meet your needs.

At Spade, we are proud to present efficient, tangible and long-lasting projects that fit your budget.

Enfin, le goût du partage de l’expérience nous ayant gagné, nous avons voulu permettre aux organisations qui le souhaitent d’utiliser notre méthodologie hors des ateliers que nous animons : ce sont les jeux de cartes Minotaure.
En ateliers, nous utilisons entre autres ces jeux comme supports de la réflexion et aides pour aborder de façon ludique toutes les questions, toutes les facettes et tous les bloquants d’un projet.

Désormais, les jeux de carte Minotaure sont aussi disponibles pour une utilisation autonome !

How do we work?

With the passing of calls for tender and successes, personal experiences and those of the environment, a methodology takes shape, is fleshed out, refined and asserted. With user experience (UX) as its spearhead, Spade is giving birth in 2019 to the Minotaure methodology.

This name covers a working framework that covers the entire project from the first lines of thought to its online launch and technical maintenance.

Minotaure is first of all a set of workshops (ideation), then a way of conceiving (design), building (development), and finally managing your site (autonomy and flexibility of the tool) with intelligent and responsive support.

Around this way of working, our services are divided into 4 main categories:

  1. Websites & digital platforms
  2. Design System & Visual Identity
  3. Digital maturity support
  4. Editorial Management

Finally, as we are keen to share our experience, we wanted to allow organisations that so wish to use our methodology outside the workshops we run: these are the Minotaure card games. In workshops, we use these games as a support for ideation and as an help to tackle all the questions, facets and obstacles of a project in a playful way. The  Minotaure card games are now also available for independent use!



For the quality of his work on the  website, Spade won the Gold Site Excellence Award 2015 from the Fédération des Métiers du Web (FEWEB).

For the quality of its work on the website, Spade won the UPMC 2019 Digital Award from the Union Professionnelle des Métiers de la Communication.

Our last articles

Thematic articles, news that we want to share with you, great ideas and small follies, find here a summary of our news.

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Some projects require skills that we do not have in-house. Fortunately we are not alone, and have a vast network of partners and professionals to complement our offer and ensure that we provide you with the most relevant service.

A team of enthusiasts people

We are a human-sized agency where everyone has a place, according to the organisational principle of “circles” in Holacracy (each circle assesses its needs and communicates with the other circles to organise internal collaboration).

And what do we find in these circles? A team rich in profiles as expert as they are varied, composed of designers, developers, specialists in visual identity, digital marketing, UX, SEO, illustration, …

Denis Balencourt
Current CEO at Spade, Denis is committed to making the best use of the resources contributing to a project. Within Spade he manages planning, monitors projects, ensures reporting and participates in the various workshops that our methodology requires.


Benoît Vrins
Benoît has been designing websites for more than 15 years. Within Spade, he helps companies, associations and start-ups to grow up using UX design methods. He led various training sessions and workshops in Paris Web, Impulse Brussels, RTBF, Cepegra, IHECS Academy, Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard. With his both hands he also makes bread, beer and rock music.


Partner & Lead Designer
Zoltán Jánosi
Zoltán has been managing digital projects for more than 15 years. Digital is a bit of a second skin for him: co-founder of the first Café Numérique in Brussels, early adopter of most web services, business coach. His advanced digital background, as well as the mastery of 5 languages, allows him great flexibility of intervention in the strategy and UX support phases of digital projects: animation of workshops, set up of personas and customer journeys.


Project Manager
Maxime Renglet
Maxime, aka RMax, is passionate about programming and technology. After his studies at the ERG in digital art, he moved to front-end development. In love with well-strung structures and cycling, he makes sure to always keep his code as clean as his bike.


Lead Developer
Carine Larmuseau
After acquiring solid skills in web design, Carine continued her training by specialising in UX design. Curious and always ready to take up new challenges, she wishes to accompany Spade's clients in the building of their digital projects.


UX Designer
Maïlys Gervais
After a few countries and several jobs, Maïlys finally brought her bike to Brussels and her computer to Spade. Interested in just about everything, she loves doing things with her hands, from cooking to gardening to drawing. Most of all, she loves "people" and talking with them to find the solution they like.


Project Manager
Vianney Tribolet
Vianney immersed himself in UX Design after graduating from the École Supérieure des Arts de l'Image "Le 75" in Graphic Design option. Juggling with digital and print design, he re-imagines branding, posters, interfaces and objects that cross his path (you may be the next one) and is constantly interested in new graphic design trends.


Creative Designer
Zoé Naniot
After trying various creative techniques (illustration, 3D, animation and storyboarding), Zoé began to develop a passion for web design. UX/UI designer and illustrator at Spade, she tries to use her varied skills to serve clients' projects.


UX Designer & Illustrator
Rémi Lejeune
After starting his career as a webdesigner in com agencies. Today he is passionate about front-end development, with an exaltation for careful integrations.


Front-end Developer
Charlotte Jacques
Charlotte is a young graduate from the Albert Jacquard High School. Discovering and learning new things are the two elements that drove her towards front-end development. Fond of soccer but only on tv, she likes to make all her days as exciting as a final match. Her code is as precise as a De Bruyne shot.


Front-end Developer
Manon Lespes
After a few years in the events and conferences organisation industry, Manon decided to take on a new professional challenge. Passionate about languages, it was only a matter of time for her to dive into programming languages - and she loves it (as much as her cat, Chatshimi)! She will be happy to work on your projects and translate them into lines of code.


Front-end Developer

What if we worked together?

What if we worked <span class="inline-title">together</span>?

Tell us your needs, your wishes, your questions, we will answer you as soon as possible. We will then perhaps start a fantastic collaboration!

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