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<span class="inline-title">Content</span> support

A nice frame is one thing, but the strength of a site, an app, a social media account or any publication, is mainly its content. The stories that are told. Texts, images, videos, all this must be thought out, worked on, scripted, drawn, edited, cut, adapted, updated, … in a word, editorialized.

Content production and management requests time and know-how.

We are convinced that yours is valuable to your customers and partners. Keep the relationship, we take care of the substance! From the creation of the editorial line to the production and long-term management of your content, Spade supports you in achieving your communication and marketing objectives.

Our expertise, from the first idea to the effective publication

Browse our method, divided in 5 steps.

What will you tell? To whom? Why? How will you tell it? On what medium(s)? When? These questions seem general, yet answering them is essential to building your content strategy. A good one draws a line to follow and ensures both long-term consistency, and peace of mind (you don’t have to rethink everything every time). It is the framework within which you can create!

By addressing the wording and the tone of voice, the content strategy supports the SEO strategy. Indeed, whether it is natural (SEO), relayed by your social networks (SNM), or paid (SEA), referencing is the cornerstone of a website’s success: if it is good, you will be higher in the search results. If you’re higher in the search results, you’ll potentially have more visitors, etc.

By dint of writing, photographing and filming, you’ll sometimes feel as if you’ve done it all. However, you are not going to stop publishing from one day to the next! Helping you to find ideas, subjects, angles of attack, is also our mission and our strength.

We have a view from the outside, we are experienced in the exercise, and finding good ideas is our job.

Let’s discuss your publications!

Between the strategist and the genius mind, the right pen is sometimes missing. It’s normal, writing (and writing well) is a profession in its own right. The form, content and timing of your communication tools are essential to their relevance and effectiveness. You do not address decision-makers, journalists or teenagers in the same way. Are you looking for a good copywriter? We have that in reserve, to ensure that your content is delivered on time, of high quality, original – and obviously in line with your ambitions!

To complete the range of services linked to content, Spade also offers to create original illustrations or videos for you to share without moderation.

No website, no paper publication is an island. Each of your means of communication serves a strategy and its objectives.

To ensure that everything is going in the right direction, there is nothing like an in-depth analysis.
Online, this is the role of analytics: there, we talk about audience, bounce rate, click rate, reading time, etc. An arsenal of measures to adjust (or congratulate yourself) the content and its formatting.

Content strategy tends to be long-term thinking, for long-lasting writing or regular publications.

However, you may also need relevant and well-thought-out publications for very short periods of time: a campaign linked to an event, a specific news, or the seasonality of your activity.

Even though it might only be a one-shot exercise, this need should not be put aside: a campaign also requires a strategy, along with the design, creation and management of its content.
We will be with you to do it.

Some projects examples

What if we write your adventure?

Would you like Spade to write, photograph and film for you? Or do you prefer our team to support yours in the production and management of your content? Whichever option you choose, write to us and we’ll set up the right solution for you.


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The information you provide in this form will be sent to you by email and used to contact you if we are interested in your request.

We won’t do anything else with your data, unless you become a beloved client or a cherished employee.

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