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Meet our team

Denis Balencourt | Partner & Opertions Director

Denis Balencourt

Partner & Opertions Director

Denis is committed to making the best use of the resources contributing to a project. Within Spade he manages planning, monitors projects, ensures reporting and participates in the various workshops that our methodology requires. Stage Director of "Les exécrables".

François Lamotte | Partner & Client Service Director

François Lamotte

Partner & Client Service Director

Francois supports the start of projects by intervening in strategic workshops. It helps to find solutions to innovate in the digitalization of company processes. Understanding and defending the needs of targeted audiences is a passion that is reflected in both Spade's workshop approach and user experience (UX) modeling.

Benoit | Partner & Creative Director


Partner & Creative Director

Benoît has been designing websites for more than 15 years. Within Spade, he helps companies, associations and start-ups to grow up using UX design methods. He led various training sessions and workshops in Paris Web, Impulse Brussels, RTBF, Cepegra, IHECS Academy, Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard. With his both hands he also makes bread, beer and rock 'n roll.

Audrey Robic | Lead Front-End Developer

Audrey Robic

Lead Front-End Developer

Self-proclaimed Paper Ball Propelling Champion at Spade's, Audrey studied screens through Ux Design & Front-end Development at the Haute école Albert Jacquard. After a full blond victory — hair, beer and medal — at the Worldskills Belgium, she learned about Back-end Development & new technologies. Now, she’s ready to rule the world. Stage Director of "Les exécrables".

Zoltán Jánosi | Project Manager

Zoltán Jánosi

Project Manager

Zoltán has been managing digital projects for more than 15 years. Digital is a bit of a second skin for him: co-founder of the first Café Numérique in Brussels, early adopter of most web services, business coach. His advanced digital background, as well as the mastery of 5 languages, allows him great flexibility of intervention in the strategy and UX support phases of digital projects: animation of workshops, set up of personas and customer journeys.

Vianney Tribolet | UX-UI Designer

Vianney Tribolet

UX-UI Designer

Vianney immersed himself in UX Design after graduating from the École Supérieure des Arts de l'Image "Le 75" in Graphic Design option. Juggling with digital and print design, he re-imagines branding, posters, interfaces and objects that cross his path (you may be the next one) and is constantly interested in new graphic design trends.

Maxime Houyoux | Front-End Developer

Maxime Houyoux

Front-End Developer

True-false official lining of « lomepal », Maxime is passionate about learning new technologies. After studying in art and infographics, he naturally continued his studies towards Web techniques at the Albert Jacquard High School. During the week, developper at Spade, during the weekend designer for fun, he skim the internets to find new challenges ahead.

Zoé Naniot | UX-UI Designer

Zoé Naniot

UX-UI Designer

After trying various creative techniques (illustration, 3D, animation and storyboarding), Zoé began to develop a passion for web design. UX/UI designer and illustrator at Spade, she tries to use her varied skills to serve clients' projects.

Inan Asan | Project Manager

Inan Asan

Project Manager

Inan, better known as Inanpédia, built up his knowledge as a Project Manager starting as a developer.

Rémi Lejeune | Front-End Developer

Rémi Lejeune

Front-End Developer

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