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The Left


Creation of the website of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left

GUE/NGL, the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left, is one of the left-wing groups in the European Parliament.

For a revamp of the website of this parliamentary group after several years of collaboration, the challenge was to adapt the ergonomics and presentation to the expectations of today’s audience for a website – while taking into account the past and future volume of content for this platform:

  • mobile-first navigation (perfectly responsive and primarily designed for mobile consultation, i.e. small screen and no mouse)
  • a content-first approach (content takes precedence over everything else, so the layout adapts to it and not the other way around; everything is designed to highlight it and facilitate its diversity)
  • the management of a huge content into WordPress
  • a platform that works hand in hand with social networks

Thanks to the framework Minotaure built by Spade, our website is highly modular, the flexibility of the widgets adapts perfectly to our needs. The type of our content changes regularly and we appreciate the multiple possibilities to connect the different modules as the site evolves.

Olivier Hansen

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