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Doing your internship at Spade

Doing your <span class="inline-title">internship</span> at Spade

An internship is an important moment in your professional career. Are you thinking of doing one at Spade? We are delighted with the idea! So let us tell you how we see it, so that it will be a fruitful collaboration.

Away with the stereotypes

The only one coffee you’ll do will be yours.

If you prefer the guava juice, no one will blame you.

As a bonus, at Spade, we don’t have any copy machine.

An internship by Spade, what does it mean?


A professional experience

For us, the intern is part of the team. You will be in permanent contact with the professionals on the job, a full member of an agency where you can continue your learning process by working on real projects (and thus experience the realities of the market).

We want you to leave us with a relevant experience, which can be a reference for the rest of your professional adventure.


Some mutual benefits

When you are with us, we take the time to train you in the best way possible on the various tools we use. In return, we consider that your work can be used as part of the services we offer to our clients – like we said, you are part of the team!


A personal commitment

Our position as a service provider requires us to be rigorous, excellent and efficient in our work and in our regular contacts with the market. This also translates into a demand on the quality of the deliverables we provide.

So we expect attention, application and investment from you. Your work is meaningful, and we want to believe in you!

They testify

During my interview I was asked what I wanted deepening competence, for me it was developing, and I have not been disappointed! Integration, PHP, WordPress theme creation … They even told me the whole development of a site, but always well supported. I learned a lot during my internship. And the atmosphere was no exception, always very friendly! At Spade’re not an intern, you are a team member.


Anne Jouan

The nice team Spade integrated me so that it was a beneficial experience for everyone.


Sylvain Vanstalle

At Spade, I learned to work in team, to structure and optimize my code; it gave me a method that I apply today. I mainly worked on projects based on WordPress. The atmosphere was great! Colleagues collaborate and help each other constantly.


Cécile Habran

Some questions to ask yourselves before applying

  • An internship at Spade lasts a minimum of 10 weeks. This is at least enough time for your potential to develop in the Spade working methodology. In 10 weeks, we can take the time to train you and you to apply what you have learned.

    On average, an internship lasts between two and a half and three months.

    Sometimes the trainee likes it so much that it seems impossible to leave… some have ended up as employees, either temporarily or for an indefinite period.

  • At Spade, everyone has their own speciality but we all work as a team with complementary roles. We have project managers, designers and illustrators, front-end and back-end developers. We all have our affinities, for languages, audiovisuals, a type of illustration, a type of development, a type of project, a deeper knowledge of this or that. All of this makes for a rich and happy mix that is very useful for dealing with the most varied of demands.

    We are focused most of the time, but in a cordial atmosphere. We respect each other’s silence and code, but good humour and mutual understanding are the order of the day. Eating a sandwich together at lunch and sometimes enjoying a local beer or listening to a musical find together is also part of the Spade experience. We share news and discoveries via Slack, we are a group, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to its life.

  • Spade is looking for passionate and creative students who are not afraid of a challenge. You must be open to new technologies, to tools that are different from those you may be used to working with, to a method of working in a team that is not yet known. You enjoy the company of fellow workers, you are conscientious in taking notes and you like to structure your work.

    We do not expect the trainee to send an application without at least a web portfolio: it is his/her best “business card” to convince us!


  • Your position will be either at Spade’s Brussels office, in the heart of Saint-Gilles (a few minutes walk from Brussels South Station and the Porte de Hal metro station), or at Spade’s Namur office in the TRAKK.

    Generally, development-oriented jobs or internships take place in Brussels, and design-oriented ones in Namur. Project managers are split between the two sites.
    In view of the current health circumstances, the above lines are bound to be regularly reinterpreted – we will therefore discuss them with you when the time comes.

  • An internship at Spade is in fact an excellent asset for getting a position on the job market. As a full member of the team during your internship, you will experience what is expected of a professional, and therefore at a sufficient level.

    If we don’t have a job opening after your time with us, you will have great references to show for your skills elsewhere. Some of our interns have been hired by our clients, others have gone further afield. The internship is also a way for you to test what you need!

  • We are looking for trainees who have completed at least one year of training in development, design, communication and/or marketing.

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All get it ?

Then the last thing to do is to send us your application dude ! We don’t promise you the moon, but at least we will analyse your application and if it is complete, we will answer you.

Don’t forget to tell us :

  • the duration of your internship (minimum 10 weeks)
  • the dates of your internship
  • whether you want to be present in Brussels or Namur
  • the URL of your portfolio (Behance, LinkedIn…, it doesn’t count!)

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    Informations related to RGPR

    The information you submit via the form below will be emailed to you and used to contact you if we are interested in your request.

    We will not do anything else with your data unless you become a valued customer or employee.

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