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Does Spade know how to develop a new site and take everything that was on my old site and put it on the new one?

Of course!

We have code geniuses who can talk to machines… More seriously, data migration is indeed a possible operation and one that we carry out from time to time.

Only from time to time, because when you want a new site, you generally want to modify, move things around, change the shape and look of the containers, and therefore the contents.

Thus, recovering old articles as archives is of course possible (and often desirable). But before trying to recover all the information from your old site, take the time to think about the new one: do you want to see the same turns of phrase? The same blocks of text? The same images in the same places?

Maybe there will be some rewriting, maybe you’ll want to change everything. Having a new website is a bit like moving house: there are things you take with you and keep for the long term, and then there are things you’d rather leave in your old flat because they’ll look out of place in the new one.

There’s no need to worry too much about this part in any case, the question of content and its migration only comes later in the process of creating a site. Let’s start by discussing the new medium you need!

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