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Spade is now signatory of the Digital Responsible Charter

  • Acessibility
  • Web culture

Led by the Institut du Numérique Responsable, this text commits its signatories to raise awareness about digital pollution*. Its goal : making professionals the ambassadors to limit this new sort of pollution and act to reduce it.

On 9th November 2021, the second signing ceremony of the Charter was held in Brussels, in the presence of Bernard Clerfayt, Brussels Minister for Digital Transition, and Fabian Maingain, Alderman for IT at the City of Brussels. The first session, held early 2021, had already seen 35 Belgian organisations signing the document.

Together with representatives of 20 local companies (see full list of signatories here), our CEO Denis Balencourt has added Spade to the list of Charter signatories. The total number of committed organisations is now over 200 from France and Belgium.

Companies and associations of all sizes, from public or private sectors, all share a common goal: to promote, develop and establish an ethical digital environment at all levels. They are all working for a digital environment which is more inclusive and environmentally friendly. During the ceremony, speakers talked about accessibility, performance, quality, technical development and recycling.

Spade’s commitment

Spade is an agency specializing in developing, designing and supporting companies to create their websites.

As an agency offering services or responding to requests and playing the role of challenger of these requests, Spade assumes the role of prescriber of good practices and leader to implement them with its clients and partners.

Spade wants to bring to life and act as a spokesperson on the issues arising with the large-scale digitalisation of our society. As actors in the field, we cannot and do not want to ignore our responsibility in many current and future issues. We want to be solution providers, and this signature means for us another step in that direction.

Spade’s activity is mainly focused on national and international organisations; public institutions; social, cultural or NGO’s. Through the websites we develop, we want to implement practices and technologies that have an impact on society, people and climate.

For this reason, showing our commitment to a path such as responsible digital is a strong sign. We are not trying to buy ourselves a conscience, we want to make real through a formal act what we believe in, and have been working on since the creation of Spade in 2011.

An already labeled agency

In 2013, Spade got the AnySurfer label, a pledge to its ability to build sites that are accessible to truly all audiences, regardless of how comfortable they are with sound, eyesight, click, or simply a web page.

Spade has also, over the years, built up a strong expertise in digital maturity support, developed in workshops with its clients. This mastery has been recognized by obtaining the Chèques-Entreprises label from the Walloon Region, in the “Digital Maturity” category.

At Spade, we are convinced that the web has a long and bright future ahead of it. We are convinced that “web” and “responsible” are two words that can go together. Most of all, we are proud to be an example of this and we would be delighted to take you on board with us.


*« Digital pollution” is a concept that covers the overall energy consumption linked to digital technology: manufacture of equipment (raw materials, manufacturing, assembly, etc.), transport, life and end of life, electricity consumption for operation, cooling, light pollution, etc. 


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