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How much does the AnySurfer label cost?

Having your website labelled is a choice, not an obligation. Just as you can grow vegetables organically without having an organic label, you can have a website developed that meets all accessibility standards without having it labelled. The advantage of having a label, however, is that you can easily present a detailed list of the criteria you check off to the public. The list is clear and publicly accessible, and anyone can agree or disagree with the facts.

We make this point because, like any label, AnySurfer comes at a price – which depends on the complexity of the site being analysed.

Depending on whether it is a small, medium or complex website, the budget for audits (first and follow-up audits, plus reports) varies roughly between €1,500 and €4,500.

AnySurfer will provide you with a customised quote for each request. Just ask them.

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