1. Collect

Through conversations, we will assess the status of your current digital communication, identify problems and explore your organisation, how you function, your target audiences, and the reality of your industry. Finally, it is important to list and prioritise your various goals. In other words, we’re here to help you!

2. Shake

Once we've assembled solid documentation, we can toss the first ideas onto the table in order to define the foundations of the digital strategy to be implemented. In other words, we’re here to brainstorm!

3. Serve

We draw up the initial action plans from 3 perspectives: content strategy, the architecture of the digital tools and zoning (this stage allows us to prioritise the content objects within the digital tools). In other words, we’re here to design!

The benefits of a “sprint” approach

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Olivier Detournaij | Communications and fundraising officer | Iles de Paix 

We chose to work with Spade's team to lead the reflection on a new digital communication strategy.  The agency offered us the opportunity to participate in 3 workshops called Shake! Shake! Shake!

We particularly appreciated the methodology used during these workshops: creative, it allows a real exchange between our communication team and the agency.  Starting from our own context, we have been able to work on our own needs while taking into account our available financial and human resources.