1. Digital strategy and maturity

During this phase we organize inclusive workshops to frame the user experience of your project. We will animate them using several recognized methods. The notes and other outputs will be edited to form the UX documentation of your project. These workshops are also an opportunity to train you in these methods in order to learn how to produce this documentation yourself.

2. Prototyping the digital project

We develop or challenge the general system of your digital project. Whether it's a website or a mobile application, we help you design the overall user experience within the different interfaces your targets will be confronted with.

3. Test the usability of your digital platform

We can now test the model, we propose to conduct a qualitative research to observe the usage behaviors of your digital platform. The project is led by a UX expert who plays the role of "facilitator" during the test session. All the observations are the subject of an intervention report (improvement of the user experience of the platform).

The benefits of a “sprint” approach

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Salvatore Arrigo | Founder / CEO | Pasha Parking 

Pasha Business was born and our team needed an approach to deliver the right content to the right audiences. Thanks to Spade's "Rethink" workshops, carefully managed remotely by its team, we approached the construction of a new perspective. Thanks to a well-established methodology and adequate tools, we are equipped to continue our adventure in the best possible way.