The workshop format is ideal for testing an idea. We offer a cycle of two workshops that will allow you to have a prototype of your concept. Whether you have an idea of a website, software or mobile application, we help you in designing the user experience (interface design) and reflect with you on its strategic model.

1. The sketch

Definition and organization of different objects, interactions, patterns. We list, we structure, we architecture

2. The model

We define all key interfaces of your project and test the interaction between components using tools that simulate the user experience.

3. The choice of the chassis

Optionally we can deliver prototypes used directly in a website development process or application. As long as time travel, so do it with a DeLorean!

The benefits of a 'sprint' approach

Speed of action

You will rapidly receive concrete proposals for implementing your digital strategy.

Outside opinion

You will receive a model, points for attention and possibly KPI created by external professionals.

Small budget

A good way to get to know us, test the waters, meet the team and discover our methods. 


We have noticed that a sprint of this type can help remedy the sense of being in a rut which may arise from time to time, and to become more creative.

Come and share your project with Spade!

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