Overseeing a project is like building a house. You go through the same stages: defining the needs and the way of life, taking into account the limitations, drawing up specifications based on these observations, architectural plans, choice of materials, hiring a contractor, choice of finishing, provisional acceptance, moving in, housewarming party!                     

The metaphor helps to keep your project in perspective. Giving it this other dimension makes it more concrete, and it’s easier to manage its implementation. Find out how we can help you to build your project:

1. Strategy

Defining where you want to go long-term. There’s just one destination, one strategy.

2. Tactics

Defining how to get there in the short term. There are multiple routes, and multiple tactics.

3. Operations

Deciding on the specific points that will generate added value. Many little steps will take you far.

The benefits of a “sprint” approach

Speed of action

You will rapidly receive concrete proposals for implementing your digital strategy.

Outside opinion

You will receive a model, points for attention and possibly KPI created by external professionals.

Small budget

A good way to get to know us, test the waters, meet the team and discover our methods. 


We have noticed that a sprint of this type can help remedy the sense of being in a rut which may arise from time to time, and to become more creative.

Come and share your project with Spade!

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