1. Strategy

Defining where you want to go long-term. There’s just one destination, one strategy.

2. Tactics

Defining how to get there in the short term. There are multiple routes, and multiple tactics.

3. Operations

Deciding on the specific points that will generate added value. Many little steps will take you far.

The benefits of a “sprint” approach

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Amélie Duraffourg | Online Marketing Manager | Artexis easyFairs  

Dealing with the change brought about by in-sourcing our web assets represents both a challenge and opportunity, which Spade is helping us to manage. From design, analysis of processes and impacts, to graphic design and supervision of the implementation, Spade advised us, helped us to recruit, coached and motivated a team through their regular presence and the sharing of best practices. Beyond the entire project management, Spade offered us project support in order to allow our company to develop a useful digital product that is both profitable and effectively used