Digital maturity

Not all organisations are equal in the digital world. Our first mission is to assess the digital maturity of a new client. This step takes place in participative workshops. It allows us to evaluate the identity positioning and the ambition of the communication strategy to be developed.

This "sociocratic" approach allows us to gather an expression of needs and the level of real digital expertise of the whole company, association, NGO, startup, organisation...

Accompanying our customers

Our aim is to help each client to progress and improve their relationship with their user communities (partners, clients, volunteers, ...).

By defining the priority of the digital channels to be activated to reach their audience, we evaluate with them the means at their disposal.

Strategy, design, identity

This strategic work is then broken down into design phases (user experience, graphic design, etc.) and technical implementation (creation of a website, application, etc.).

While we continue to support the content strategy that will continue the life of the project on the different channels (website, social networks, ...).

Every month tens of thousands of interactions are carried out between people

... which have been thought out by every member of the Spade team.

Some people save lives, some seek help, some want a job, some want to buy a tour, some want to learn, some want to buy a product, some want to support a cause by volunteering their time, ...

If you would like to participate in your own way in all these actions by helping our customers to achieve them then you are certainly welcome at Spade?

Check out our list of wanted profiles below...

We are looking for

Passionate digital project manager (f/m/x)

If you are a talented and experienced e-Project manager with a UX awareness, you are the pearl we are looking for to ensure the growth of our team.

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Frontend Developer (f/m/x)

Semantics, optimization and accessibility are part of your your working method. You like to innovate, solve problems, evaluate the best scenarios.

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Experienced UX Designer (f/m/x)

Is UX a subject that motivates you? Is understanding an organisation's business objectives your speciality? Defending the interests of users in order to provide them with a smooth experience is your daily business. More about UX

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Creative Designer (f/m/x)

Is creating visual identities your strength? Juggling with techniques, colors, typos, considering user interactions in front of the interface... We are looking for a creative person with an attention to details.

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Head of editorial management (f/m/x)

If you're a talented and experienced editorial management manager with an awareness of SEO and digital marketing, you're the gem we're looking for to ensure the growth of our team.

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Whatever the position, remember to send us an up-to-date portfolio with your projects. For us, this is often the first door to understand who you are, the state of your skills and the universe you deploy around you.

Spade, the teamwork on a human scale