Denis Balencourt
Customer Happiness Manager

Denis Balencourt

Denis has worked on large scale web sites, complex projects involving brand changes, process adaptation, multilingual teams and customers. Denis masters web architecture, media production and is a creative friendly person.

Denis has been involved in web related projects since 1996. Focusing on people and their needs first, before thinking about technologies, Denis managed several training programs for online entrepreneurs and teachers.

Then, joining the team of an ISP, he hired and managed 24 developers to support the growth of what was the biggest Belgian web portal at the time (2000-2004).

Always curious, he was also an invited teacher and started side projects. He has worked with François and Benoît before deciding to join forces in 2011.

Denis manages projects, plannings and all aspects of the relationship with our beloved customers, their happiness is his daily job.

François Lamotte
Sparkle User Experience

François Lamotte

François is an entrepreneur minded guy with several hats.

From the failure of Internet startups to successful worldwide e-HR applications, from the concept of a main Belgian email marketing platform in partnership with MSN to placing on rails a social network for an European Commission satellite organization ( 8 Mo € project ): François got a long and silent track of successful projects.

He began to blog in May 2000 and organized in 2005 the first Belgian conference dedicated to professional uses of blogs. It was his first encounter with Denis.

Now with Spade, he is happy to share his experience with customers and push them to the success they want to achieve.

Benoît Vrins
Interactive Designer

Benoît Vrins

Benoît designs websites for more than ten years now. Following the trends and evolutions during this decade he helps people, companies and associations into the process of building a website. Managing the gap between creativity and strategy he also makes a use of his technical skills like CSS3, LESS, HTML5 and the knowledge of an open-source CMS called SPIP.

We definitely recommend that you do not start the conversation about rock music : his best weapons in this domain remain his Fender guitar and Spotify ! Rather dive with him in the wonderfull world of the interactive design.

Audrey Robic
Front-End Developer

Audrey Robic

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Frontend Developer

Alexis Wollseifen

Alexis is a 25-year-old designer and interface developer (and bartender in his spare time) based in Belgium. Passionate about new technologies and the way people use them, he has always wanted to do this job.

Alexis has learned to "talk to humans through a screen" at Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in Namur. Since then, he has worked for small, self-employed clients and now at Spade as a frontend developer.

UX/UI Designer

Vianney Tribolet

... yes like the French singer, hum ... Vianney is a graphic and web designer of 26 years interested in the design in all its shapes. After ESA/Lse 75 and many graphic creations focused on print he begins to be interested by the webdesign and discovers the world of UX/UI. His wish is that people can distinguish themselves by their brand image and he offers intuitive and ergonomic content. Vianney maintains a permanent graphic watch.



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