Information Architecture (IA)

We help define the overall architecture of your web and mobile project combining your key strategic points with our technological solutions.

User Experince Design (UX)

Our web and mobile design is focused on the user, organised around the natural navigation flow of users on different platforms. Thanks to our extensive experience in Responsive Web Design, we make proposals well suited for today’s mobile devices.

Graphic Design

Respecting your visual identity, Spade works on the graphic layout for the web and mobile devices. Typography, logos, icons, colours, choice of visual and grid layout: our creative and talented pool of designers is on hand for your project!


The technical phase involves several key steps including the choice of publishing platform (Content Management System or CMS) being a key element in establishing the future of your web and mobile strategy. Our team is adept at working in your environments to team with and train your own technicians.

Our team is technologically multi-lingual – able to work in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Sass, Git, Gulp, WordPress, Craft ...