Define profile of your contacts

The more you look at and understand the people you want to talk to, the more targeted and effective your interactions will be. Defining your audience profile is crucial to the success of a campaign.

Choosing the best communication channels

With today’s mobile world, your audience is using multiple devices and channels. Content and messages should maintain consistency while still being flexible.

Prepare workflows interactions

Sequence interactions allow people to move from one channel to another. By preparing and planning in advance, you create natural marketing paths that maintain your audiences online movements.

Generate traffic

Your content is ready, your channels are activated: it’s go time! Social networks, advertising agencies, affiliates, partners, mailing lists, public relations,... all these access points are available for your campaign to reach your prospects and customers.

Testing, testing and surprise

Try to avoid making assumptions or generalisations such as “My clients never…” or “My business is always….”. To truly understand the needs of your audience, you need to approach them with an open mind and be willing to learn. If you allow yourself to be surprised, you can come away with knowledge that can benefit you in the long term.

Measure, assess and adapt your strategy

With electronic means, you can quickly tailor your campaign and monitor trends in real time while remaining consistent. Whether it’s a successful campaign that went viral or a statement that needs to be released in response to the unexpected, you must be able adapt to change to achieve your goals.

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