Alpha Networks wanted to revamp its general communication approach in a context where their services are moving towards an international expansion. Their main asset : a powerful technical backend allowing to quickly establish a VOD offer (Video On Demand) via an API.

The mission entrusted to Spade went through several stages. The first was strategic : to understand, to document, to analyze and to define KPI's in line with the company's development goals.

Among our recommendations: to develop a separate identity for their product and a targeted communication based on identified target audiences. Tucano is born from that reflection.

Based on this strategy, we set up two visual identities (Alpha Networks and its product Tucano) and implemented several communication media

  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Brandguide
  • Stationery (letterhead, PowerPoint, Word...)
  • Website
  • Roll-ups
  • Email template

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