Woké is a Belgian restaurant where you can order your meal (a wok) via a digital interface on a touch screen. Once the order has been send to the kitchen, you got a ticket and can wait a signal saying that the meal is ready. First installed in  Louvain-la-Neuve, Woké is now in the beautiful city of Antwerp.

For the opening, a task force has been set up to build a ordering system : new interface, ERP Integration, a more efficient ergonomics and new features (including the future possibility to order online) and consistency layout with the new visual identity.

Spade has been chosen to create a new User Experience (UX Design) and build a new touch interface which should be funny and easy to use. We also helped Woké to define the best technical solutions to face their business development.

Finally we worked closely with Idealis Consulting who took care of the technical set up of the application with a dedicated ERP solution.