A challenge like we like to take up at Spade. After several years of loyal service, this prestigious institution wished to completely revamp its digital communication platform operaliege.be. When selecting the agency that would be in charge of this mission, Spade distinguished itself by its methodological approach and an adapted reflection on the technological choices that would meet the platform's future challenges in the medium and long term.

The mission began with a deep phase of strategic reflection and research. Spade conducted several workshops with the staff of the Opera de Liège in order to gradually define the new digital platform meeting several key performance Indicators :

  • Be in phase with current consultation behaviors (mobile friendly, etc.)
  • Showcase the fabulous visuals of the shows
  • Allow a bigger flexibility in content management (landing pages, artists directory, FAQ, ens.)
  • To have an agenda that takes into account the Opera's own reality: ticketing, online booking, subscriptions, season management and archives.

Spade has set up a technological environment based on a couple of tools that have already proven their efficiency on the realization of the Belgian Red Cross website: WordPress + Themosis framework.

The site went online on the day of the announcement of the new 2018-2019 season.