Make Me Web

This Brussels-based team develops web applications using open source technologies. We regularly collaborate on large-scale projects requiring advanced development on all types of platforms such as Magento, Drupal, Typo3

Recent collaborations:


This name stands for the combined skills of Benoit Mamet, Cédric Morin and Stéphane Deschamps. All three of them are veterans of the French-speaking web and SPIP community. They set up a hosting platform calibrated for sites using this CMS and are continuing to develop high-level backend platforms.

Recent collaboration:

Idealis Consulting

Based in Wavre, this company is specialised in creating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions. Over the years, Idealis has developed a solid reputation for expertise in ODOO software. 

We regularly work with them to implement ambitious solutions in which Spade designs the web aspect (strategy, design, frontend) and the interfaces, while Idealis is responsible for the development and support of the technical platform.

Recent collaboration: