First evacuate stereotypes: the only coffee you'll make at Spade it's yours (and if you prefer tea, no one will look at you strangely) !

And you'll wash the dishes... but like everybody else in the team! It is a task like any other, you participate in the life of the team.

Professionnal experience

Spade offers the guarantee to integrate you into a team of professionals. An agency within which you will continue your learning process by working on real projects. As with other trainees gone before you, you will actually benefit from this experience in your future professional life

Professionnal experience


For Spade, a good internship is the guarantee that you will help the team. The work done during your internship can be used as part of the services offered to our customers.



But we also show very demanding on the quality of our deliverables! We expect from you a real investment. During this period, you will produce a work like you've probably never done.


In the end you will live an intense and constructive experience as our previous trainees can testify

At Spade, I learned to work in team, to structure and optimize my code; it gave me a method that I apply today. I mainly worked on projects based on Wordpress. The atmosphere was great! Colleagues collaborate and help each other constantly.

Cécile Habran
Illustrator, graphic & web designer.
Love monkeys

The nice team Spade integrated me so that it was a beneficial experience for everyone.

Sylvain Vanstalle

During my interview I was asked what I wanted deepening competence, for me it was developing, and I have not been disappointed! Integration, PHP, Wordpress theme creation ... They even told me the whole development of a site, but always well supported. I learned a lot during my internship. And the atmosphere was no exception, always very friendly! At Spade're not an intern, you are a team member.

Anne Jouan
Intégrateur et développeur web passionnée, photographe pleine d'envies.

Questions to ask before to apply

What we expect from a trainee ?

Spade is looking for passionate and creative students who are not afraid of challenges. You must be open minded to new technologies which sometimes could be different of those with whom you may have used to work. You enjoy to work with other people, you are conscientious, take notes and you like to organize your work. We do not conceive that the trainee sends an application without at least informing his web portfolio: it is the best business card to convince us!

Where will occur the internship ?

Your internship could take place in 2 different places : in the Brussels office in the heart of Saint-Gilles (A few minutes walk from the Midi station and the subway Porte de Hal) or in the Namur office in the heart of the Mundo-N building (A few minutes walk from the Namur station). Generally, internships in Development take place in Brussels, Design in Namur.

What looks like the team I'm going to join ?

At Spade, we work in team with complementary roles : project manager, designer, front-end, back-end ... We are concentrated most of the time but in a cordial atmosphere. Eat a sandwich for lunch together and sometimes enjoy a small local beer is also part of the Spade experience. Share discoveries on the Internet is done via Slack with colleagues and participates in the life of the group.

What studies ?

We are looking for trainees who attend a full training of at least one year in the development, design, communication and / or marketing.

How long is an internship ?

The internship lasts at least 10 weeks. It's the minimum to develop your potential following our methodology. On average, an internship lasts between 2 and 3 months. Sometimes some trainees like so much their internship at Spade that they want to stay in the team. Some have even had the chance to become employee.

Can an internship at Spade will allow me to get a job ?

An internship at Spade is in fact an excellent asset to hope to get professional opportunities. By becoming part of the team during your internship, you realize tasks with sufficient professional level. If we have no vacancy, you will have at least great references to show your skills. Some trainees were even hired by some of our customers.


UX Designer

You assist the team by prototyping websites and applications. You participate in several steps : Design Research, mindmapping, zoning, wireframes, dynamic prototyping ...

Knowledge of prototyping tools is essential.

Web UI Designer

You participate in the development of graphic renderings of websites and applications developed for internal projects or for our clients. You will also work on visual identities, creation or evolution.

Knowledge of graphic design tools is essential. Please notice that we are working mainly with Sketch.

Frontend developer

You join the dev team to perform integration tasks in HTML, CSS and Javascript. We work mainly with frameworks (OOCSS, Git, Gulp, Grunt, ...) and with some CMS like WordPress, Craft.

The code editor and the terminal will be your best friends.

Backend Developer

If you are in an backend oriented learning session, your profile also interests us. Mainly on web technologies like PHP frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, ...) and CMS (WordPress ...). We regularly have projects just waiting to come out of the box. Please also tell us about your skills in Ruby on Rails and development in mobile applications.

Interested by a Design internship ?

Send your application to Benoît

Interested by a Development internship ?

Send your application to Denis