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We support our customers in all aspects of their online and offline identity. Would you like to be part of the adventure?

Every day, thousands of interactions take place between people...

… which have been thought out and allowed by the involvement of Spade’s staff.

Some save lives, create wonders with their hands, want to travel, expand their knowledge; others are waiting for help, have great ideas, want a job, give their time to support a cause, or are just looking for any kind of information. But none of this would take place without people talking to each other, and connecting with each other.

At Spade, we do just that. We make it possible for anyone who is connected to get in touch with others. We make sure that everyone online finds the most appropriate answer to their query. And we want this to be done in a pleasant, aesthetic and efficient way.

If reading these lines ignites something in you, if you feel like you want to contribute in your own way to some of these beautiful projects, then you could be part of the team…

Take a look below at the profiles we are currently looking for.


An advice

Whatever position you write to us for, remember to send us an updated portfolio of your projects. For us, this is often the first gateway to understanding who you are, the state of your skills and the universe you deploy around you.

We are currently looking for...

Should yo have any questions before applying...

  • Spade is looking for passionate and creative students who are not afraid of a challenge. You must be open to new technologies, to tools that are different from those you may be used to working with, to a method of working in a team that is not yet known. You enjoy the company of fellow workers, you are conscientious in taking notes and you like to structure your work.

    We do not expect the trainee to send an application without at least a web portfolio: it is his/her best “business card” to convince us!


  • Your position will be either at Spade’s Brussels office, in the heart of Saint-Gilles (a few minutes walk from Brussels South Station and the Porte de Hal metro station), or at Spade’s Namur office in the TRAKK.

    Generally, development-oriented jobs or internships take place in Brussels, and design-oriented ones in Namur. Project managers are split between the two sites.
    In view of the current health circumstances, the above lines are bound to be regularly reinterpreted – we will therefore discuss them with you when the time comes.

  • At Spade, everyone has their own speciality but we all work as a team with complementary roles. We have project managers, designers and illustrators, front-end and back-end developers. We all have our affinities, for languages, audiovisuals, a type of illustration, a type of development, a type of project, a deeper knowledge of this or that. All of this makes for a rich and happy mix that is very useful for dealing with the most varied of demands.

    We are focused most of the time, but in a cordial atmosphere. We respect each other’s silence and code, but good humour and mutual understanding are the order of the day. Eating a sandwich together at lunch and sometimes enjoying a local beer or listening to a musical find together is also part of the Spade experience. We share news and discoveries via Slack, we are a group, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to its life.

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