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  • The UX workshops allowed us to understand how to set up our communication objectives and the choice of the framework was an asset because it was quite easy to use. The team accompanied us 'step by step' in an attentive, efficient and fast way.

    Tania Nicaise

  • We would like to thank Spade for helping us redesign our site and bringing it up to date!

    Alix Marchal

  • Thanks to the framework Minotaure built by Spade, our website is highly modular, the flexibility of the widgets adapts perfectly to our needs. The type of our content changes regularly and we appreciate the multiple possibilities to connect the different modules as the site evolves.

    Olivier Hansen

  • The workshops were a great collective and participative experience for the team. Supervised but very interactive, they helped us greatly to start identifying our target audiences while allowing us to reproduce and continue the exercise even after the website was launched.

    Elise Poskin, Chargée de communication

  • Minotaure allows us to build pages of our website in a simple and adapted way. It is also more intuitive for people who have to add content or manage pages.

    Laurent Blaise

  • The challenge was big: merge three sites hosted in separated places, under different CMS and with completely different design approaches. By proceeding in stages, associating ourselves with the right people and bringing solutions to our problems, we have achieved a result that meets our expectations. The website always evolves with Spade. Thanks you, Spade.

    Brian May

  • Our new website allows us to be more in line with the new consumption habits of our public. An institution like the Opera Royal de Wallonie with artists from all over the world who are our first ambassadors, must offer a modern and visually "sexy" interface. It is an essential business card abroad.

    Sophie Roman, Digital Manager

  • Aesthetic and Intuitiveness are the key words for the website. And we feel happy with it. Our target audience (mainly secondary and primary teachers) gives regularly the feedback about the ease with which everyone can find "his way" on the website. And it's very important for a website made for educational use.

    Nancy Verleyen, Project Manager

  • Pasha Business was born and our team needed an approach to deliver the right content to the right audiences. Thanks to Spade's "Rethink" workshops, carefully managed remotely by its team, we approached the construction of a new perspective. Thanks to a well-established methodology and adequate tools, we are equipped to continue our adventure in the best possible way.

    Salvatore Arrigo, Founder / CEO

  • Spade quickly understood our needs and proposed an information architecture. The prototyping phase was a good step to refine our intentions, federate all the actors around a concrete view of the project and to support development.

    Valérie Brabant, Process coach

  • We had to face a complete rebranding of our company in a pretty short time (2 months to find a new name, a new logo, to adapt the website, to adapt the templates of our keynotes, reports, envelopes, ens). Fortunately the Spade's team was there and allowed us to succeed in putting everything in place in the right time. They offered us high level solutions : technically and creatively.

    Jérôme Louis, Partner Actuary IA|BE

  • Dealing with the change brought about by in-sourcing our web assets represents both a challenge and opportunity, which Spade is helping us to manage. From design, analysis of processes and impacts, to graphic design and supervision of the implementation, Spade advised us, helped us to recruit, coached and motivated a team through their regular presence and the sharing of best practices. Beyond the entire project management, Spade offered us project support in order to allow our company to develop a useful digital product that is both profitable and effectively used

    Amélie Duraffourg, Online Marketing Manager

  • During my interview I was asked what I wanted deepening competence, for me it was developing, and I have not been disappointed! Integration, PHP, Wordpress theme creation ... They even told me the whole development of a site, but always well supported. I learned a lot during my internship. And the atmosphere was no exception, always very friendly! At Spade're not an intern, you are a team member.


  • The nice team Spade integrated me so that it was a beneficial experience for everyone.


  • At Spade, I learned to work in team, to structure and optimize my code; it gave me a method that I apply today. I mainly worked on projects based on Wordpress. The atmosphere was great! Colleagues collaborate and help each other constantly.


  • With Spade, we really appreciated the fact that the different stages of the work were thought out in advance. It started with a preliminary phase that we had to get our hands dirty and that we needed to carry out as a team. I was reassured to be dealing with an agency that had thought about the steps in advance.

    Sanna Abdessalem, Coordinatrice de l'ASBL

  • The workshops are one of the strong points of this collaboration: they guided us well in the creation of personas, how to manage the complexity and multiplicity of services, how to structure the site, etc. The most important point of the collaboration was to take into account this complexity, to listen to the different departments and services and to create these personas together to make a site that suited us. The most important point of the collaboration was to take into account this complexity, to listen to the different departments and services and to create these personas together in order to create a site that corresponds to us.

    Marie-Dominique Remion, Chargée de la cellule digitale

  • I liked the support that Spade offers in its package in general. Having seen other projects, often it's more of a short briefing that lasts an hour or two and then you start work straight away. Spade really took the time to accompany us.

    Laetitia Tintinaglia, Chargée de communication

  • Since the calls were put in place, I really feel that I am being supported. I can express my questions better, ask things more easily. So I feel more supported and advised on issues that are sometimes beyond me because they are very technical. With these calls, things are more fluid, we make good progress.

    Alexandra Cazan, Chargée de communication

  • Spade's methodology is both playful and immediately translated into something concrete. Given the tight schedule we had, moving quickly was important. Each time a workshop was done, we moved on to something else: the waterfall principle is also practical for us, it allows us to close one part, move on to the next and not always go back and forth between the stages. We were well supervised.

    Diana Vazquez

  • The workshops were conducted in a very dynamic and structured way, which greatly facilitated the good synthesis work that followed the facilitation.

    Giuseppe Di Stazio

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