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Alliance Sahel


Production of the Sahel Alliance activity report

The Sahel Alliance was born in 2017 to provide concrete and collective responses to the challenges of the populations of Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad. The activity of this alliance is growing in the face of increasing challenges – from social vulnerabilities to the effects of climate change.

Spade took part in the co-creation of the Alliance’s activity report. To elaborate it and synthesise the results of the actions carried out, it was necessary to “digest” 3 years of work in the field which resulted in more than 50 pages available in French and English.

In a “content first” approach, Spade started the collaboration with a participatory workshop. This allowed us to bring together a number of actors with different skills: experts in the field, communicators, illustrator, graphic designer, translators, printer and editorial support.

These meetings and the enthusiastic collaboration resulted in the production of no less than 5 media (digital and print). The entire activity report benefited from a harmonious visual dimension (layout and illustrations), thanks to a well-used institutional brandguide.

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