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Opéra Royal de Liège-Wallonie


Complete revamp of the Opéra Royal de Liège-Wallonie website

Spade has been working for several years with the Opéra Royal de Liège-Wallonie, a prestigious cultural institution that is careful to evolve with its audiences to remain accessible.

In 2017, the Opera wished to completely renew its website and Spade has been chosen to accompany this institution in this process through a methodological approach and an adapted reflection on the technological choices to be made to keep a platform adapted to the current needs.

The mission began with a strategic reflection phase via a series of workshops with the Opera’s staff. The aim was to define the architecture of the new site, bearing in mind several key criteria :

  • be in phase with current consultation modes (mobile friendly, …)
  • to highlight the (very elaborate) visuals of the shows
  • allow for greater flexibility in content management (landing pages, artist directory, FAQ, etc.)
  • to have an agenda specific to the Opera’s operations: ticketing, online booking, subscriptions, season management and archiving.

By applying a design made by a third party agency, Spade has set up a technological environment still in use, based on a pair of proven tools: WordPress + the Themosis. framework.

The new site went live on the day the 2018-2019 season was announced.

Our new website allows us to be more in line with the new consumption habits of our public. An institution like the Opera Royal de Wallonie with artists from all over the world who are our first ambassadors, must offer a modern and visually "sexy" interface. It is an essential business card abroad.

Sophie Roman, Digital Manager

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