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Asspropro is the ASSociation des PROgrammateurs PROfessionnels, a network of more than 150 members that gathers programmers from several cultural associations in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (cultural centres, venues, theatres, …).

We created the association’s new website, applying our Minotaure framework: workshops to define the overall digital strategy, then establish a clear and ergonomic Information Architecture. The UX and UI work resulted in the creation of a website with a clean but effective design, with beautiful animation effects. The pages are built by combining content modules (the Minotaure widgets), taken from a library developed specifically for Asspropro.

One of the key elements of this new platform is the catalogue of venues with many possible filters for professionals (number of seats, ceiling height, possible residence, etc.).

We've got a brand new visual identity. Discover more about it