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Amnesty International


New website of the French-speaking Belgian section of Amnesty International

A large-scale project with many challenges:

  • Be mobile-ready for a platform supporting a large amount of varied content
  • regrouping 3 different websites under the same domain name, and managing the content of the 3 from a single tool
  • rethinking the organisation and the different content modules available, to facilitate editorial input from different teams
  • improve general navigation on the websites
  • increase the visibility of the organisation’s news, events and actions

The project was carried out in several stages:

  • several workshops with the web team to establish an information architecture adapted to current ways and modes of consultation (bearing in mind the volume of content and the need for regular updates)
  • creation of prototypes to validate different scenarios and ensure that each content module has its place (and its technical utility)
  • developing a graphical rendering of the pages consistent following the Amnesty International brand

This project was carried out in partnership with the French agency Nursit, which was responsible for backend development and content migration.

This website won the Gold Site Award 2015 at the Feweb Excellence Awards and was nominated on

The challenge was big: merge three sites hosted in separated places, under different CMS and with completely different design approaches. By proceeding in stages, associating ourselves with the right people and bringing solutions to our problems, we have achieved a result that meets our expectations. The website always evolves with Spade. Thanks you, Spade.

Brian May

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