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AchACT’s new brand identity and digital platform

AchACT works to improve working conditions and strengthen workers’ organisations in the garment industry worldwide.

Our collaboration led to a complete redesign of the association’s visual identity and the development of a new digital platform.

The aim was to provide more comfort for the user and more flexibility for the administrators. AchACT is part of the international Clean Clothes Campaign network, works with a large number of partner organisations and raises awareness among consumers about the reality of their purchases.

Our Minotaur methodology and framework allowed for a detailed planning and step-by-step implementation of a project with high ambitions.

  • Strategic workshops focused on User Experience
  • Creation of the entire visual identity: logo, stationery, brandguide
  • Design of the website

With Spade, we really appreciated the fact that the different stages of the work were thought out in advance. It started with a preliminary phase that we had to get our hands dirty and that we needed to carry out as a team. I was reassured to be dealing with an agency that had thought about the steps in advance.

Sanna Abdessalem, Coordinatrice de l'ASBL

We've got a brand new visual identity. Discover more about it