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What is the difference between a showcase site, a corporate site, an extranet, an intranet, ... Isn't it always a website?

Good question and good answer ! Yes, they are still websites, but they are different kinds of websites – and some have several names for one thing.

A corporate site, also called an institutional site, is a site that presents a company, organisation or institution in a general way to the public. It is not (officially) aimed at a particular target group or its usual customers.

A showcase site is a form of corporate site, in the sense that it is simply the window of a company in the same way as the window of a shop: it presents what the company is and what it does. Unlike an e-commerce site (or merchant site, or online shop or e-shop), the showcase site does not allow direct online transactions (which does not prevent the showcase site from being linked to an e-commerce page).

An extranet is halfway between a public website and an intranet. It is a site with secure access, allowing its owner (a company, for example) to authorise access to the available data only to a specific category of people (some of its customers, partners, suppliers, for example), who are nonetheless external to its organisation (they are not its employees).

An intranet is the most “restricted” version of the Internet site, since it is intended for and accessible only to the internal members of an organisation (sometimes even only within the physical walls of the organisation, although this is less true with the development of teleworking). Access to it is subject to membership of the company, usually secured by a password.

A website, which brings together all the above versions: it is a set of online pages linked together by hyperlinks and hosted under a domain name on a server. The website address (the URL) is the home page of the site, designed to be the first page visited and which, like the entrance hall of a house, leads to the other pages.

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