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What does the Business Cheques actually help me with?

The Chèques Entreprises is a helping hand from the Walloon Region to improve the digital aspect of your professional activity. The Region’s intervention aims to ensure that Walloon companies implement a good digital strategy. It supports them by financing their reflection and the establishment of an action plan. If your digital strategy were a house, this would be the time to choose the best site for building it and to draw up the plans: the basis for a quality construction to serve you and your ambitions.

Carrying out this stage of thinking and planning is a job that many professionals in Wallonia do every day. Chèques Entreprises allows you to surround yourself with these experts to set up your digital eco-system and develop the digital maturity of your company.

The Chèques Entreprises are a gateway to these professionals: financial assistance to go and see them with peace of mind and take full advantage of their skills. With an intervention of 75 to 90% of the cost of their mission, it is a great opportunity to develop your digital projects on a solid and sustainable basis.

Spade and the Chèques Entreprises

Spade is a Chèques Entreprises certified expert for the digital part. You can therefore get funding from the Walloon Region to benefit from our services, as long as it concerns digital projects.

Whether you are self-employed or a large team, have a small or very comfortable budget, have very specific needs or vague ideas, every project starts from a situation.

We map out that situation. Let’s define where you can go, what you’ll need to do it and what your limits are. We ask about your audience: who will you talk to? Who will use your services, go to your website? What will they be looking for and what will you provide them with as a result? How will your pages be constructed? What will be the layout of your site, the type of content to be produced? What schedules should be established to ensure a regular and quality feed?

These are many questions but the answers are not far away – and we tell you, the Region is funding you to take the time to answer them.

Take advantage of it!

Find out more about Spade’s Chèques Entreprises.

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