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How long does it take to get the approval for my Chèques Entreprises file?

Once the grant application has been submitted (completed with all the required documents signed), it takes a few working days to get a response (no more than a week). This delay depends mainly on the number of applications to be processed by the administration, but our experience has shown us that we mostly receive an agreement within 5 working days.

The SPW EER (Service Public de Wallonie – Économie, Emploi, Recherche) may request additional information to assess the file. Remember that a complete file (all documents clearly identified and filled in) and of good quality (clearly and sincerely explain your approach) is a file that is processed more quickly!

In all cases, the mission can only start after obtaining the administration’s agreement. Once the agreement has been received, the beneficiary (you) is asked to pay its share (the 10 to 25% of the invoice amount that is not covered by the Walloon Region) directly to the administration. Then the mission can begin.

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