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Is there anything else than AnySurfer?

In Belgium, AnySurfer is the officially recognised label for accessibility.

Beyond this label, several organisations offer audits of websites or mobile applications to measure their level of accessibility (Eleven Ways, Five Oaks, etc.)

On the basis of these reports, and considering that the next step is to make your website/application compliant, you can draw up an accessibility declaration.

This document is a page of your website or application that honestly details the level of accessibility of your tool, how and on what basis you have established it, what you plan to do to address short or long term weaknesses, and who can be contacted by someone who does not understand it.

You can consult the BOSA declaration assistant (in French) or the W3C declaration assistant for example.

Finally, if you prefer not to embark on any of these procedures but are curious about the level of accessibility of one of your pages, you can use the BOSA Accessibility Check (page in French but tool in several languages), a small tool which quickly indicates the number of errors and remarks for a given page and details for each one what is causing concern. This tool is not as good as an in-depth report or analysis by a professional, but it will give you an idea of the extent of what you have to do.

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