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Spade recognised as AnySurfer provider

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Spade is the first communication agency in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to be recognised as an AnySurfer provider.

The AnySurfer website states:

The AnySurfer label for web companies rewards companies that have proven their skills in building accessible websites. We call these companies recognised agencies. They adhere to three conditions:

At the beginning of the year, all our processes and tools were evaluated and recognised as offering the guarantees required by the label.

But what does the AnySurfer label actually do for our clients ?

This designation allows us to assure our clients that we have the skills and technical tools to develop accessible websites. Where appropriate, we can also guarantee that these sites will be eligible for this label and we can help our clients through the various stages of the certification process.

This is a service that we were already able to put into action during the third quarter of 2012 when we created the Nuit Blanche 2012 website. This site quickly and easily obtained the AnySurfer label because we took it into account right from the start. The editorial team was also briefed on the different aspects of accessible content creation.

Why label a site AnySurfer?

logo du label Anysurfer12.8% of Belgians have a disability, 7-10% are colour blind, 17% are over 65. The legislator (regional, federal and European) has established a legal framework to fight against discrimination, including indirect discrimination, but only 12.6% of the sites are considered “accessible”, so the majority of the sites indirectly discriminate against a large part of their potential users.

There may be many reasons for this, but above all, the criterion of this label that particularly appealed to us was the notion of quality. The AnySurfer label, through its attention to the accessibility of information (information for all, including the disabled), sets up a series of directives that allow for an irreproachable website:

  • A clean, valid code while allowing the use of recent, cutting-edge technologies
  • Content that is easily readable by the various current media: PCs, smartphones, tablets, but also Braille bars, voice synthesis tools, etc.
  • Content that is easily indexed by search engines and shared on social networks.
  • The use of CMS (Content Management System) recognised for the quality of their editing tools

Vous souhaitez obtenir des informations sur la possibilité d’obtenir le label AnySurfer pour votre site ?

Contact-us. We can carry out an initial audit of the current state of your site in order to evaluate the steps that will eventually enable you to obtain the label. We can also help you train your editorial team to produce quality content, accessible to all, thanks to the content editing tools that we can recommend and deploy for you.

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