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Spade is launching Chicon Valley an Open Device Lab in Brussels

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We are very excited to announce Chicon Valley as the First Open Device Lab in Brussels.

In a near future it will provide more services like events, small conferences or workshops.

But for now let’s keep it simple with a new service open to anyone in the community.

Logo ChiconValley

What’s an Open Device Lab ?

Open Device Labs are a grass roots community movement. They establish shared community pools of internet connected devices for testing purposes of web and app developers. In result, ODLs lead to an ultimate improvement of the web & app experience both for developers and for consumers.


How does it work ?

If you have a website or an web app that you want to test the responsiveness on a panel of devices (smartphones, desktop, tablets…) you are welcome for a bunch of hours to test it. You can now book a seat for free in the Spade meeting room. You will get an access to a computer, the control unit. Every web page that you visit from this computer will be visible at the same time on the other devices.

Why your contribution is really appreciated?

If you live in the Brussels area and you want to support our initiative, don’t hesitate to join your forces with us. Our idea is to keep the Open Device Lab free of charge.

That’s why our device library relies on donations from the community and sponsors.

If you have any device which is totally bored in a drawer, make it live a new life with us . Lend it to us for a long term and your name will be mentioned on the hall of fame on the website and on the console desk.

Or if you know someone who could help or a coporation (phone manufacturer) that could help us, you’re welcome to spread the word.

More info and booking

And if you need more help?

If you are unsure about your ability to conduct a mobile test, Spade will help you. We create responsive websites since 2011. We have specific ideas about what to test first (or not).

You don’t have any responsive website yet?

We also have different tools that allow you to perform live analysis on your existing website. For example, we could produce a Go-Mobile-Or-Not report to identify the potential for growth (pagesviews, interactivity, …) for some devices that are already used by your visitors.

We will help you to identify priority areas to improve first the life of your users on your website.

Do you have any questions on the project?

Don’t hesitate to use the comments below.

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