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Spade, first winner of the Excellence Award FeWeb 2015

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At the annual congress of the FEWEB (Belgian Federation of Web businesses) at Wolubilis in Brussels, Spade was awarded this year 2015 by the first FeWeb Excellence Awards.

We had the chance to get a reward for one of our project of this year: the creation of the website of Amnesty International (French section of Amnesty Belgium).

We received the “Excellence Award Gold Site“.

The other evening’s winners are:

  • Site Excellence Award Silver: Digital Mind for the site
  • Website Excellence Award: PHPro for the site Maxitoys
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence Award: Wijs
  • Start-up Award: Duo

A total of 65 websites were submitted for the competition evaluated on several objective criteria:

  • The responsive aspect (ability to adapt to different contexts as navigation tablet, smartphone, PC …)
  • The optimization for search engines
  • Accessibility (thus also for physically challenged people)
  • The rapidity (fast loading of web pages)
  • A minimum number of dead links
  • Compatibility with different browsers
  • Security
  • Legal aspect

They were then submitted to a jury of experts:

  • Omar Mohout (Sirris),
  • Karen Boers (,
  • Alain Heureux (YourOwnLab),
  • Benjamin Beeckmans
  • and Peter Ryckaert (FeWeb).

Through this award, it is primarily the recognition of a great team that we want to highlight.

Throughout the summer 2015, we coordinated all the skills necessary for the development of the site:

  • The digital department at Amnesty International‘s strategy and content management
  • The French agency Nursit who supported the migration of the old infrastructure to the new content as well as the entire backend development with the CMS SPIP.
  • Your favorite Spade team for all design stages (UX, visual, frontend development)

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