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Articles 24 · 05 · 18

GDPR: the epidemic of newsletters seeking express consent

GDPR-3 – Not a day without newsletters, reaching us for a long long long time, in the quest for our explicit consent.

Forgetting about the legitimate interest, consent overrides any other reason for storing, processing and using data. This is of course the least contestable approach, but it is also, for an existing relationship, the most inelegant. The law has not been taken into account. This failure raises the questions: “What kind of e-marketing were you doing last week? What CRM do you use to ask for an authorization that I have already given to you? Do you buy lists on the web? How do you build trust on a confession of ignorance? “

Instead of recalling the interest of the relationship, it insists on its legal aspect  not the legitimate aspect … and thus this questions the interest of the relationship and its lack of added value. For people like me it’s unacceptable. My perception of those messages that provides little context are the worst. Yes the law changes, but the one concerning the newsletters dates from the 1990s … what did you do in the meantime ?

What wears me out, is the recurrence of the approach, the lack of hindsight, of reflection. This sending of a confirmation mail would be the only way to justify a presence in a mailing list.

We see a great febrility, which leads to aberrant behavior that devaluates the relationship and that enforces how much, the changeover of Friday, May 25 is so beneficial. It flushes out those for whom your data are just clicks and not the expression of an individuality, a history and ultimately a relationship that must be cherished, at the risk of withering it with commitment confirmations. The big question is “why do you doubt the validity of my agreement” for your messages since I didn’t complaint for years? “

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