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For its 10th anniversary, Spade has a new visual identity

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Spade’s new brand identity had to reflect its entry into its second decade with a more modern, vibrant and personal image.

A new logotype

Nouvelle identité de Spade : le logo

This rebranding starts with the logotype, for which we decided to abandon the capital “S” and the italic characters and to use a linear typography as a base: Geomanist. Then, some strokes were modified to make it unique. The letters “p”, “a” and “d” were redesigned to give a new dynamic and almost symmetrical look to the logo. This makes it more legible and sober.

A new 100% gradient color palette

Nouvelle identité de Spade : les couleurs

About the colors, the old range was already well anchored in people’s minds as being specific to Spade, so we made the choice to adapt the shades to revive all the visuals produced for the visual identity. We kept the red, white and blue colors and included a slightly bluish black (notably for the Dark Mode aspect of the site) as well as a purple which allows the red-blue gradient to have a more harmonious and more elaborate transition.

Free style illustrations

Nouvelle identité de Spade : les illustrations

Once the typography, the colors, the logo and the general style had been found, it was time to look at the visuals that would accompany the agency’s communication. To do this, we decided to create illustrations in a geometric style, bordering on the abstract, using the colors from the brandguide and adding a final tint for more contrast.

Here we go again for another 10 years!

Spade vs dame de pique

We've got a brand new visual identity. Discover more about it