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10 recent interesting resources about responsive web design

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1. Responsive Design with Mockups

If you are using Balsamiq to create wireframes, you will be happy to read this blogpost explaining the best practices with this famous software. The tool is a little bit tricky anyway, so maybe you will prefer another design approach.

2. Macaw : The Code-Savvy Web Design Tool

After some weeks of hard patience, this revolutionary tool for creating responsive websites is out. And after a few hours testing the beast, we can say that we are just disappointed. Good ideas but a lack of a lot of simple things. Next versions might be richer…

3. What We Mean When We Say “responsive”

“Let’s distinguish between Responsive Web Design and responsive…”

Really, really interesting.

4. Responsive Design Tested: What a recent experiment reveals about the potential ROI of mobile design

A video for marketing lovers. Hope you will be convinced.

5. Grid – A simple guide to responsive design

A “One Page” to explain Responsive Design. No bullshit at all ! My Mom does now understand Responsive Web design. +Like RT !

6. Preparing Websites For The Unexpected

Revamp websites with a mobile approach (MobileFirst) is a revolution. How a content optimised for a desktop use  can be migrated to a mobile website ? What makes content mobile-friendly?

7. Open Device Lab, in a suitcase.

Why go to the Lab, if the Lab comes to you? If you are already familiar with our OpenDevice Lab in Brussels, let us introduce you the next step : the entire lab in a suitcase !

8. Rapid Response – performance techniques for Responsive Web Design

“We do now have a full set of techniques to effectively deliver highly performative sites that not only visually scale across devices but also deliver code and assets tuned to the width of a device. Sites need to be built utilising these techniques from a mobile first (and performance first) perspective.”

9. ResponsiveDesignTester

Welcome to the responsive Tester. Check your website on different screen resolutions at the same time. Then complain to your agency or contact us 🙂

10. The SEO of Responsive Web Design

Google recommends using a responsive website design where this makes sense from a user perspective, and Bing encourages a “one URL per content item” approach.”

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