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Sowl, your own bowl

Un concept prototypé en ateliers participatifs

The needs

  • Digitize processes of a new fast food concept of high quality dishes
  • To let customers be able to order online (from home, at the office, in the street), to be able to order from an interactive kiosk on site with an infrastructure connected in real time to stocks
  • Help staff members and customers to track live the progress of their orders
  • Be able to analyse the whole project and model it very quickly to define specifications
  • Identify the list of technologies to be integrated to make the project a success
  • Bring together in a single project the skills of retail, dietetics and technology

The solution

Implementation of our Pro!To!Type! participative workshops involving participants throughout the design phase using a methodological approach.

  • Definitions and organization of the different objects, interactions, patterns.
  • Typical user path
  • Functional diagrams of the application
  • Workflow of interactions between different application systems (ERP, CRM, Cash Management)
  • Information distribution (kiosk, display screens, email and SMS notifications,...)
  • Implementation of key interfaces and testing of interactions between components

The website and its versions (kiosks) were created with Sowl's partners.

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