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Just in Time

A web app for teachers to create dance shows

The needs

Just in Time is project led by Les  Jeunesses Musicales du Brabant Wallon : an interactive tool for teachers and trainers that help to create dance performances. Once you have subscribed to a renewable annual subscription, it allows you :

  • To access a range of resources in video (classified by themes, difficulties ...)
  • To create his own choreographies by selecting significant sequences and placing them in a custom order (the application will allow to watch the choreography in a single view by synchronizing the different sequences)
  • To manage choreographies (by class, group, year...)

The main purpose is to set up a proof of concept, Just in Time is new product/service for schools. 


  • A limited budget which doesn't allow to build a native iOS and Android app
  • A partial brand identity


  • A good leadership on the project management and content
  • High quality videos

The solution

After a technical and strategic feasibility study, we developed the architecture of the web application: the public website to showcase the project, the subscription management, the dedidated app available for the subscribers. Then we went through the different design phases and technical development. 

We chose WordPress to manage the public website and the user platform which is available with a pay-subscription. The online payment is managed via the Stripe gateway. Video management requires a Vimeo Pro account to ensure streaming while allowing customization of playback in the user interface.

Visit the website

Nancy Verleyen | Project Manager

Aesthetic and Intuitiveness are the key words for the website. And we feel happy with it. Our target audience (mainly secondary and primary teachers) gives regularly the feedback about the ease with which everyone can find "his way" on the website. And it's very important for a website made for educational use.