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Amnesty International

Help Amnesty International (Belgium/French speaking) to deal with a complete rebuilding of their website

The needs

The French-speaking Belgian section of Amnesty International has totally renewed its website in the fall of 2015. A huge project with many challenges:

  • Achieve the transition to a mobile approach with a platform supporting many content
  • Gather 3 different websites on the same domain and a single content management tool
  • Reorder content objects to ease the work made by several editorial teams
  • Improve navigation
  • Increase the visibility of news and actions

The solution

We have developed through several workshops with the team in charge of website a new architecture adapted to the ways people currently use the web while respecting the imposing load of content and regular updates. Prototyping was an important step to validate many scenarios to ensure that each content object had its place in the technical chart. We finally developed a consistent graphic rendering respecting the Amnesty International brand.

A project carried out in partnership with the French agency Nursit

This website won the Gold Site Award 2015 at Feweb Excellence Awards and has been nominated on Awwwards.com.

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Brian May | Digital content manager

The challenge was big: merge three sites hosted in separated places, under different CMS and with completely different design approaches. By proceeding in stages, associating ourselves with the right people and bringing solutions to our problems, we have achieved a result that meets our expectations. The website always evolves with Spade. Thanks you, Spade.