Setting a good objective

The benefits of a successful campaign:

• Bring together a critical mass of people

• Develop viral marketing on social networks

• Gain support of target audience based on their values

• Convince the audience to act and be able to measure this effect

• Get concrete, relevant feedback on your product and/or services

• Engage the media

• Develop organic traffic (free)

Ask the right questions

To achieve your goals, we first define the general framework from which we’ll work. Before we list all your questions you may have before meeting

Starting With Your Questions

  • Whom can I reach? 
  • When do I speak? 
  • What am I asking? 
  • How will I seek their attention? 

Following With Our Questions

  • What is your budget?
  • Describe your communication channels
  • Which modes of interaction are used by your audience?
  • Where are the social places of your target? 

To Draw A Complete Frame

  • A detailed report
  • An audience to involve
  • Ideas of actions and interactions
  • Arguments to defend
  • A story to be told

Define your social interaction plateform

The more you know your audience, the more you can easily get in touch with them.

1. Campaign Foundation

  • Where is your campaign going to happen? 
  • Will it be online on a website or via a social networking site?
  • Will you email information or send printed brochures?
  • Which spaces do you need to control?

2. To Build The Bricks Of Your Campaign

  • What is your story? 
  • What content is needed for the telling? 
  • Must we "share" things? 
  • What images to select? 
  • Should we use the video? 
  • What influencers do we involve?

3. Communication Channels To Activate

  • To create a relationship, you first need to get their attention 
  • Then direct them towards a specific sequence of actions. 
  • The goal is to build "marketing funnels" to coordinate your channels.

Content First !

Now that you have identified your media campaign platform, we will define the content required.

1. What Content Formats Will You Using?

  • Texts
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Slideshares

2. How To Tell Your Story

  • These materials lead your story, 
  • They create emotions, 
  • They motivate to interact, 
  • We must therefore combine them cleverly.

3. Combine And Distribute

  • Some social platforms prefer certain formats
  • Multiple declination of your message 
  • Ensures a better continuity for your participants
  • Between your different channels
  • In the end you enhance your impact

Launch your campaign

When all the pieces are in place, it’s time to launch your campaign!

1. What Is Your Risk Management Policy?

  • You must be prepared for the worst. 
  • Whether a competitor goes on the attack, 
  • Or online trolls are working your chat rooms, 
  • It is good to anticipate these situations 
  • To react quickly and calmly.

2. Go Go Go C'Mon Boyz !

  • The schedule is validated
  • The modules are in place 
  • The first actions are enabled
  • The action plan unfolds

3. Measure your campaign

  • Measuring the effectiveness of each action is a necessary
  • Interactions on Facebook, 
  • New mailing list subscriptions, 
  • Count your web visits

How To End Your Campaign?

Following up on the effectiveness of your campaign once it is complete allows you to capitalise on your skills and strengths to better prepare for future efforts.

Manage engagement

  • You were able to engage a number of people
  • How do you show them your gratitude for that effort?
  • What are the actions that work? 
  • Why some have not worked?

2. Think Reporting and Dataviz

  • Utilise the numbers at your fingertips. 
  • Apply the wealth of data the campaign supplied to learn more
  • More about both your company and your audience.

3. Refine and Relaunch

  • You have all the elements analyzed 
  • What works or not 
  • Decide what you keep 
  • Prepare the next cycle 
  • You never quite multiply enough your contacts


By following the five steps, you can define a good strategy with a clear idea of the content to produce a straightforward action plan. Spade is here to help you. Whether it’s a rapid visibility campaign or a long-term branding project, come share your excitement for the future with Spade!

Come and share your project with Spade!